Our Story


We are a family of four.  Collectively, we are a baker, a horseback rider, an amateur racecar driver, an actress, a lacrosse player, a tree climber, a swimmer, a beach lover, a runner, a violinist.  And we all love books.  We love them so much we live in an old library filled with books.  When Hudson said he wished he had a shirt that said ‘I’d rather be reading’” we all laughed.  We knew it was true, he actually most times would rather be reading.  We realized that instead of having a shirt made for him that spoke up for him, we should make them ourselves.  But, minds change and the world around us changes and we decided to make a shirt that will change with us.  A hook and loop shirt with letters, numbers and punctuation--surely it could be done.

Gabrielle started wearing her hand-sewn version of the shirt around for parties and school functions.  And every person who saw it commented on how cool it was.  It is cool, we thought.  And then our vision transformed from “wouldn’t it be fun to make these for our friends” to “we can let the world speak their minds and celebrate their own uniqueness if we build a brand.”  We were hooked (sorry for the pun).

On a cold winter morning in 2015, we had a family brainstorming session to find a name for our new brand.  It was snowing outside and we sat by the fireplace and laughed and joked and came up with some pretty weird ideas.  Then Scarlett said, “Wordnerd”.  A brand was born.

We knew we wanted to find the best shirts.  We looked at many shirts from around the world, but kept coming back to our favorite--American Apparel’s ® Fine Jersey T.  Soft, comfortable, strong enough to hold the hook and loop panel, long-lasting and jet black.  And made in the USA, sweatshop free. The perfect shirt.

We sourced the softest, least rigid hook and loop panel so it would be comfortable to wear and searched to find the perfect letters.  Starting with shirts we will soon add hats, tote bags, and much more.

We hope you love our clothing as much as we do.  We hope that you can begin to brand yourself.  Tell the world your favorite quotes or how you are feeling.  Celebrate a friend’s birthday and create a buzz.  Start a conversation.  Take a stand.  Be your own brand.  Speak your mind.  Get nerdy.

What’s black and white and read all over?  You are.

Please Nerd responsibly.

Thank you for visiting,

--The Miller Family

From the City of Nerdy Love